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In order for a trade fair to be used correctly as a marketing instrument, it is very important to select the appropriate event in advance according to type, topic, region and target group. Germany as a trade fair location is very helpful for interested parties, as the differentiation is one of the most advanced. Trade fairs are classified according to their thematic focus as multi-sector trade fairs or specialist trade fairs. The latter only focus on one or a few branches of the economy, manufacturers or customers. In addition, a distinction is made between trade fairs that are open to the public and trade fairs only for specialised visitors.


Important questions for your trade fair participation

The questions listed below, which you can ask yourself regarding a trade fair participation, will help you to make a good preselection:

  • Will I meet existing customers at this trade fair?
  • Will I meet potential customers at this fair?
  • Is the fair established or is it still uncertain whether it will be a success?
  • Can I afford a stand, the preparation and follow-up that matches my importance in the market and the professionalism of my offer and company?
  • Does the trade fair organiser offer professional help in preparing the trade fair appearance?
  • Does the trade fair organiser provide detailed information on the expected visitors?
  • Can I learn anything at the fair (about the market or the competition, or my industry itself)? Many trade fairs offer excellent frame programmes with lectures and workshops, not only for trade fair visitors.
  • Do my existing customers and sales partners expect us to be there?
  • Does the trade fair offer a representative overview of the respective range of products or even of all the leading suppliers in the relevant product areas?


If you can answer at least 5-6 questions with “Yes”, you should consider the fair.

Based on the analysis of your own marketing and the trade fair objectives derived from it, all those trade fairs that cannot contribute to achieving the defined objectives can be eliminated. Step by step, the appropriate trade fair can be selected from all others. If several fairs are possible, you can decide to take part in several fairs, if the budget allows it. If not, further criteria must be applied.


Focus on the right trade fair location

If, for example, the expansion of the dealer and distribution network in eastern Germany is a main objective, regional trade fairs in this region should be considered. If you want to advertise products that appeal to specific target groups, you have to find out in advance which trade fairs appeal particularly to these groups of participants.

Before a company decides to participate in a specific trade fair, it is always advisable to take a look at one or more trade fairs as visitors. This makes it possible to get a precise impression of the trade fair(s) and to consolidate the theoretical pre-selection or possibly to reconsider it. A visit to a trade fair in advance of planning your own trade fair appearance also makes it possible to get to know the atmosphere prevailing at a specific trade fair, the number and type of visitors, the quality of the organisation and the type and equipment of the halls and possibly also suitable stand areas. It is also interesting to find out whether other providers participate with the same or similar products or services and how they appear and argue with interested parties. Above all, a visit to a trade fair is advisable in advance if several trade fairs are on the shortlist, but you only want to or can participate in one.

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