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To make a fair a success for a company, previously, during and after the fair, suitable communication measures must be put in action. Setting up a stand, placing products and staff and waiting for customers is not sufficient. The choice of the communication activities depends on the goals the company wants to achieve with the fair. If an exhibitor wants to consolidate the customer loyalty, entry vouchers can be forwarded. If customer acquisition with new products is important, advertisements in the media are more suitable.

To attract a high interest, a company should start advertising and PR-activities early. The advantages of PR, in comparison to private advertising, are high credibility and low costs. But PR cannot replace private advertising. You don’t have any guarantee that the forwarded information is published.

To achieve the goals related to the fair it is important to contact as many people of the target group as possible. To achieve one’s objectives, several measures can be used:


Before the fair:

  • Add note regarding fair participation to all printed matters of the company
  • Send personal invitations to special customers, partners and representatives of specialised journals.
    • The advertising material of the fair organiser normally just contains the general information that a certain company takes part in a fair, but they do not state any information about the special fair programme of an exhibitor. Therefore, additional actions should be taken e.g. send personal invitations with entrance vouchers to customers and business partners.
    • The design of the invitations should match with the global concept designed for the fair. The text should address the addressee personally and have a handwritten signature. The information concerning the fair participation and new products and services presented at the fair should be short and concise. Furthermore, possible benefits that a new product or service could bring to a customer should be stated.
    • In addition to that, the paper, format or design of the invitation should be special. They should contain a reply-coupon for fixing appointments, some information about the planned activities at the stand or the exhibits and general information about the fairground, stand location, parking lots and opening hours. The invitations should be sent circa four weeks before the fair opening.
  • Advanced information by mailings / newsletters
  • Advertisements / supplements and articles in daily newspapers and specialised media
    • The advertisements should contain the hall and booth number. If available, a company could also place an advertisement in the fair journal that is distributed to the visitors.
  • Place radio and TV spots
  • Display posters
  • Place an advertisement in the fair catalogue
    • Often, due to the time pressure, fair visitors don’t have enough time to visit all stands.  Therefore, important “decision-makers” schedule their visits. To get on their schedule, often, a simple statement of the company’s name in the fair catalogue is not sufficient because these people normally search for special products and services.  The fair catalogues often contain additional product lists divided into groups of products. Normally, these ads cost an extra fee, but they could be useful. By adding the logo, the advertisement will draw even more attention.
  • Post information on social media
  • Activation of the sales force


During the fair:

  • Distribute / display image flyers, special fair leaflets (new products)
  • Distribute / display product flyers (technical data)
  • Display annual report
  • Display catalogue(s)
  • Rent advertising places on the fair ground
    • Advertising activities outside the booth must be approved by the fair organizer. One option is a so called „walking-act “: employees wearing special clothes distribute flyers to visitors to draw attention and pilot the visitors to the own booth. Ads on the external areas e.g. on billboards, moving stairs, on the fair radio or TV, in showcases are other options to attract attention.
  • Play videos / animations
  • Distribute give-aways e.g. balloons / bags with logos
  • Display press kits (eventually provide special download area on the company’s website)
  • Record visits of media-representatives at the booth (ask for business card)


After the fair:

  • Follow-up mails
  • Telephone-marketing

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