Conventional booth construction and modular systems

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To judge and decide which type of construction is appropriate to your fair project the specific terms should be clear.

The term “conventional” is normally used for the traditional type of booth construction opposed to the modular systems that came up in the 1970s. When using a modular system for a stand construction, prefabricated aluminium profiles are put together according to the individual needs and conditions e.g. size and dimensions of the stand. Modular systems are thereby less expensive and need less time for preparation and setting up.

Despite these advantages, the modular construction systems haven’t replaced the conventional stand construction. For this method, customized wooden elements are fabricated and assembled. Both types coexist and can also be combined.

The term “conventional” stand construction is often used as synonym for “individual” construction which mentions already one of the advantages compared with the modular systems. Because of the prefabricated profiles, the modular systems are more restricted regarding the design options; but with printed fabrics, hanging banners and digital printings on walls you can have nevertheless a creative and individual booth.


Advantages of the conventional construction method

Using this method, you have almost all creative possibilities. You can combine a variety of different materials and all elements are completely tailored to the exhibitors needs. This makes the stand a highly individual and unique construction that perfectly fits with the global fair concept.

Wood is a strong and long-lasting material and your stand is it as well and looks high quality.


Disadvantages of the conventional construction method

Because of their individuality, often, “conventional” stands cannot be used again for further fairs or only some parts of it. If you want to use the “same” booth for several exhibitions, many parts of the stand need to be reproduced and adjusted.

Furthermore, for the fabrication and the set up you need more time and expert knowledge.

As per its weight, normally, the freight costs are higher than for modular stands.


Conventional or modular?

During the preparation an exhibitor must decide whether to take a conventional or a modular stand. Basically, the planned budget is significant. Apart from this aspect, you should reflect on which method is more appropriate to the global concept and more useful to achieve the defined goals.

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