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Fair concept and brand activation


The concept of „brand-activation” arose for the first time around 2006 when new digital forms of communication came up and target groups got more and more split. These new forms of communication were used to incite people actively to buy a product or service and to share their experiences with other people via the new social media. The concept of brand-activation aims at the rational and in particular emotional bond between customers or prospective customers and the brand. This is done by creating common ideas or a common perception and behaviour which reinforce the bond between customer and product and should lead to its acquisition exactly.

Combination of fair marketing and brand-activation

The participation in a fair is part of the classical marketing activities of a company. Especially the new digital forms of communication are effective complements to the traditional marketing instruments. Internet, social networks and different mobile apps offer a plenty of possibilities to address prospective new customers of different target groups.

Today, brand-activation is a value that can be used as instrument for a long-term sales-success. To achieve a strong brand-activation a company must make the brand and its acquisition an experience for the customer that covers the whole period from the first interest until the purchase. Of course, the brand-activation should fit with the global marketing strategy.

To be part of the customers “relevant-set”, that means that a product or brand occupies a place in the customers awareness and that the customer looks for this special product or brand when he or she wants to buy something, is one achievement of a good brand-activation. A successful brand-activation makes a product a worthwhile acquisition in the customers mind at the point of sale.

In contrary to the „pure” marketing, the “branding” does not aim at a direct purchase invitation but it emphasizes the characteristics of a product. Normally, the brand-activation comes after all other marketing activities. At best, if the activation was successful, it has created an emotional bond between the customer and the “activated” brand, a so called “brand-engagement”.


For a global brand-activation, the transparency and traceability are important aspects. Indications regarding the created relation between product or company and customer are at a fair for example the number of conversations with members belonging to the defined target groups, on social media the number of followers, likes and tweets, on a web-site the number of clicks. By comparing the situation beforehand and afterwards, a company can exactly trace the effects of its brand-activation activities.

For an optimal brand-activation, a company should concentrate on one to two key messages that characterise the brand. Thereby, it is easier for the customers to keep it mind. By accentuating these characteristics, the interest in this brand and the wish to get more information about it grow within the defined target group. All possible contact points between the members of the target group and the brand should be considered. Especially at a fair, where the dialog between visitors and the exhibitor is the most important point, you quickly see if the chosen characteristics were suitable and effective. At best, the customer prefers YOUR product in the end.


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