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The starting signal is given: the booth and the staff are ready; the visitors enter the halls and the first guests of your company wait at the reception. Now, the employees must act professionally to make the fair a success for the company.


Gestures and facial expressions

One of the most important rules is to signal customer readiness and to show oneself open-minded. The visitors who show a general interest should be addressed directly. New messages on smart phones or computers should always be checked discretely. Non-verbal elements like clothes and the general attitude should be appropriate as well. The staff should appear confident but not arrogant.



The first impression is decisive. The reception should be cordial and welcoming. It is important to keep eye contact before and during the conversation. A strong hand shake shows confidence. Offering non-alcoholic drinks and cookies normally has a positive effect on the conversation and the atmosphere in general.


Professional conversation management

The quality of conversations is directly connected to the given information. That’s why a good training or briefing of the staff is important. Every employee should know basic aspects regarding the products and services presented at the fair and should be able to explain the additional benefits and gain of these items to the visitors.

These basic messages, at best defined and transferred to each employee before the fair opening, should consist of at most four sentences. The employees from the sales and distribution department should of course have more detailed information if required by the visitors. As per the time pressure at fairs, the staff should concentrate on the basic messages.

An important aspect for a successful conversation management is to listen carefully to what the visitors tell. It is essential to quickly filter out the needs and the position within the company from what your conversation partner says. If you don’t get enough information you should ask concise questions to tailor the conversation according to the personal needs of the visitors. The stand staff must be able to get a precise image of their interlocutors.


Take leave

At the end of each conversation, there should always be a concrete agreement e.g. to send more information material, samples, a special offer, make an appointment after the fair. These agreements and the record of each conversation help to process the new contacts after the fair. The fast and effective follow-up work is important to transform the investments for the fair into a benefit for the company.

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