Favorable storage areas in Leipzig

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Storage area Leipzig

For commercial customers we offer storage areas for rent in our modern warehouse with a total area of approx. 10,000 m³ and approx. 1,200 fixed stock locations on our company premises. Thereby a short-, medium- or long-term storage is possible. Your goods are optimally stored in our warehouse, protected from moisture, frost and theft.

Enough space for your exhibition stand

Especially for our customers from the trade fair sector, we offer enough space to store complete stands or individual elements of stands professionally. In particular for exhibition stands that are to be used several times, companies make a larger investment. This makes correct storage even more important in order to protect the items from damage caused by moisture or frost, chipping or creasing of fabrics and banners, and to maintain the quality of the components.


Therefore, our service includes not only the professional and safe storage of your equipment, but also the proper cleaning and maintenance of the stored items. In addition, storage with us enables efficient disposition and timely logistics, including loading and transport to the next trade show location, so that everything is optimally prepared for the next exhibition.

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