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Four hints regarding the right communication measures around a fair

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1. Announce the fair participation in time:

This hint doesn’t only concern the external announcement of the participation but also the notice within the company among your colleagues. Tell your colleagues via the intranet or the notice-board when and where the fair participation takes place, which global concept for the participation is planned and which goals the company wants to achieve. You should also state regular updates concerning the fair project. After the internal notice, you can inform your business partners, customers and suppliers.

2. Start the communication measures early:

In the media, the reporting regarding a fair starts early – normally, in print media, the dead-line is set to circa three months before the beginning of the fair. Therefore, you should start your communication activities, above all in this field, in time. This means for example the publication of press releases or the preparation of press kits for journalists. The press-kits can be forwarded on flash-drives or provided via e special download-area on your website.

3. State the relevant pieces of information:

It is not sufficient to communicate only the fact that your company participates in a certain fair. All published information should contain name, date and place of the fair and the hall and stand number. Furthermore, you should clearly state which (new) product(s) or service(s) will be presented.

4. Maintain your contacts:

One main objective of every fair is to establish new contacts. To give interested visitors the possibility to leave their contact information easily, you can put small boxes on your stand where they can throw their business cards. An early and exact follow-up processing of the collected contacts is extremely important. All arrangements made at the faire should be realised quickly. The follow-up activities should be tailored to the customers needs. Furthermore, you should contact important media representatives actively, e.g. by offering an official statement / conclusion regarding the exhibition. All new information collected at the fair can be used for establishing new press releases, statements, articles or blog postings.

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