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  • Inline stand
    This stand is the most common type at fairs. On the left and right hand-side of your booth, there are direct neighbours. Fair organizers often call it “standard-booth”. But also for this stand type, you have a lot of design options.


  • Corner stand
    This stand is more seldom. It has two open and two closed sites, thus, more space to present oneself to the alleys. A lot of people pass by and there are a plenty of design options.


  • Peninsula stand
    A peninsula stand is surrounded by three alleys and has only one fixed wall. This could be also a disadvantage because you have less wall space to present your products. On the other hand, this stand is open to the public and guarantees a lot of attention.


  • Island stand
    The island stand is accessible from all sites and many visitors pass by. For this stand type modular systems for presenting the products are optimal because there are no walls at all. Therefore, the chosen furniture is important. As per their unique selling proposition island stands are quite more expensive than stands with direct neighbours.


  • Transit stand
    Transit stands are special. Basically, they are like an inline stand but without a rear wall. Hence, this stand is accessible from two sites and offers the possibility to cross one raw to get into the following row. Therefore, this stand type guarantees a big audience. The booth stuff should directly address interested visitors who cross the stand.


  • Double storey stand
    With this stand the exhibitor has a lot more space to present the company. Double storey stands are quite expensive. In addition to the costs for the statics, the fair organizer often requires an extra fee for the installation. Basically, all types of stands can have a second floor, but you should talk to the organizer in the free front of the exhibition. This stand type is not accepted everywhere. The advantages of a double storey stand are obvious. The stand has an excellent long-distance effect and is eye-catching. On the second floor, there is often a VIP-area or a lounge or a space for presentations. If you want to have only more space to present your company, it would be more favourable to book just a bigger single-storey booth. But if you don’t want to renounce the special and exclusive effect of two floors, it could be also a good idea to plan a stand that is only partially appointed with a second floor.

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