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The conception and design of the booth is one main aspect of the preparation and an important factor for success. A stand can be mobile, modular or conventional. The design options are almost endless. Furthermore, exhibitors must decide whether to rent the booth or to buy it completely or in parts.

At a fair, visitors are exposed to many, especially visual, impressions. If you want your booth to distinguish from the other stands, so that the visitors consciously perceive it, the design must be particularly creative and eye-catching. The concept behind the stand should be logical, the design and the used materials high-quality and the global impression inviting.



The individual booth

An individual stand design doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It can start at 100 € / m². In this case, you will get mobile or modular systems which are easy to transport and to set up. The modern modular booth systems consisting of mobile and variably combinable aluminium frames with printed fabrics or panels allow an individual design at reasonable prices that draw the visitor’s attention. The aluminium frames can be adapted to different ground dimensions and heights and offer a lot of design options.

You should start the conception of the booth early to have enough time to compare offers and different design propositions and, if necessary, for amendments. For a classical booth, you should start the preparation three months before. For modular systems a bit less is sufficient.  For double-story stands, you should start about five months before.



The concept behind the booth

The message and idea behind a stand should be clear to the visitors at first sight. A booth should catch attention and be outstanding. That’s why the concept behind the stand depending on the budget is an important element of success.

The starting point of each booth conception should always be the defined fair goal. Do you want to present new products or services, to win new customers, to reinforce the relationship of existing customers or to show a new company orientation? The booth concept should be based on the defined goals and guide the visitor’s attention to this aspect. The chosen concept should be realised in a global way and include the staff clothing, the behaviour, the presentation of the products and the company as well.


Hereafter, you find a short presentation of the most important concepts:

  1. Dialogue-oriented 
    If a company aims at intensifying the relationship to the existing customers, the booth design should be open and inviting and have enough space for conversations. New products and services take a backseat, product flyers and leaflets should be presented in a discrete way. The communication readiness can be shown by putting high tables, lounges or a catering bar.
  2. Product-oriented
    If the main objective is to win new customers, the presentation of products and services will take the centre stage. New products and services are perfect instruments to attract people’s attention. By using spot-lights, showcases, screens and interactive devices, the chosen exhibits can be highlighted and presented to the public.
  3. Solution-oriented
    If a company wants to contact new customers and care for existing customers despite any new products or services to present, a “solution-oriented” concept could be a good option. In this case, the exhibitor must present a problem to the visitors that the company is able to solve thanks to its products or services. Short presentations and speeches are suitable and appreciated activities to realise this concept. Often, the fair organizers offer special areas and stages for these programme points.  Interactive devices at the booth could also be used to present problems and their solutions.
  4. Advice-oriented
    By creating a certain demand-situation a company can show the complexity of this situation. At this point, an exhibitor can emphasize the advice-competences of the company. In conversations, the exhibitor can show different perspectives of a problem and give concise advices based on the interlocutor’s special needs. For this concept, it is important to have perfectly informed, high-qualified and communicative employees with a lot of expert knowledge.

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