The choice of the right location at the fair

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How to choose the appropriate place for your stand

The right place of a stand is an important element that contributes to the success of your fair participation. At best, the stand should attract the attention of a huge quantity of people visiting the exhibition.

The participation in a fair is above all for small and mid-size companies the first step into national and international markets. Therefore, fairs as marketing instrument and distribution platform get more and more important.

The advantages that a fair offers to this kind of exhibitors are obvious. You meet clearly distinguished target groups. The dialogue between the prospective customer and the company is the most important element of a fair. Companies have the possibility to present complex products and services to an interested and partially already well-informed audience.

To attract the attention of a high quantity of visitors you must choose the appropriate location for the booth. This choice depends on several aspects. The most desired, central locations are limited and of course more expensive. Furthermore, the type of the planned booth is important. Not every type is appropriate to every location. Therefore, you should think about the location at an early point of your preparation and book it in time.


Important site-related factors

Thanks to surveys we know that a position along the central alleys on the right hand-side of the running direction is optimal. About 80% of the visitors choose this way. At crossroads of main alleys, you meet a lot of people as well. If you can get a place near the entrance in addition to that you have an optimal starting point for your fair project.

Furthermore, you should place your booth within a homogenic neighbourhood so that the visitors find your company and its products and services where they expect it. To differentiate yourself from your competitors whose stands probably are close to yours the design of your booth must be eye-catching.

Locations near the catering areas are favourable as well. In these areas you definitely meet a lot of people who, after a drink and a snack, are often good-humoured and more easily to inspire. Big events nearby your stand brings a lot of attention too. The noise related to this kind of events could perhaps disturb your work. You should be aware of this fact.

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