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The booth design

In general, the direct communication is the main interest at a fair. Therefore, when designing a stand, it is important to plan areas for conversations in a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the exhibits that you choose and their staging with light, graphic arts, colours, different materials must draw the visitor’s attention. The so-called eye-catcher, that are exhibits normally located at the external areas of a booth, should be perceived already from further points of the exhibition hall. One main element and one of the first contact points should be the reception desk. The global booth design should attract attention and be inviting at the same time. Around the exhibits, there should be enough space for interested visitors. The different areas of a booth should be distinguished by using different design elements e.g. flooring, separating elements, plants, lighting etc.


Activity areas

In these areas which should be located at the borders of a stand, the visitors have the possibility to get in contact with the exhibits or presented topics by using interactive devices like tablets etc. Within the last years, the interactive presentation of topics and products has become more and more common and appreciated. Complex topics and contents can be explained in an interesting way. The visitors are incited to deal actively with a certain topic. Thereby, you can catch the visitors interest.


Conversation areas

Apart from the reception desk, open areas with high tables, lounges or a catering bar, there should be also an area, where a company can conduct intensive conversations in a more private and protected atmosphere. In these zones, the experts should have the possibility to answer all customer questions calmly and in-depth. The customers should be able to have a closer look at the products and to ask their questions away from the other visitors. Visitors invited to these areas should have the impression to be important to the company and that the employee only concentrates on him or her. At the same time, these areas should always remain an integrated part of the booth and stay in touch with the stand life outside.



The walls of a booth are significant for the global atmosphere. That’s why their design is important. For an exhibitor, there are a lot of design options: printed fabrics, plastic-coated system-walls, adhesive printed films etc. If the stand must be mobile, backlit fabric walls are suitable. The design of the walls should fit with the corporate design of a company and with the exhibits. They should separate the booth into different areas or embrace it.



Often, booths don’t have any ceilings because of practical reasons or technical requirements. By using ceiling banners or danglers you can create a closure above and use these eye-catching items at the same time for advertising objectives and to draw attention, above all if your stand is not located next to the entrance.



By using different floorings, the different areas of a booth can be distinguished visually. Diverse materials and colors can pilot the visitors to the important exhibits. One important aspect is the quality of the chosen flooring. During a fair, the flooring is subject to hard conditions. It should be easy to clean and, if necessary, to replace parts of it without removing the whole flooring.



By choosing the right lighting, the exhibits are accentuated and pushed into the middle of interest. The basic lighting of a booth should create a pleasant atmosphere. Special spotlights emphasize important elements.


Music, sound effects, perfumes

Music and sound effects can also be used to catch attention. If you decide to use loud-speakers at your booth to play music or similar you should proceed sensitively. On the one hand, you must not disturb your own stand atmosphere, on the other hand you should also respect the work of your stand neighbours. Don’t forget to ask for the GEMA permit if necessary. Special perfumes have been used so far especially in the food branch. In any case, for a company, there are many possibilities to make the booth a global sensual experience for the visitor.


Facility areas

One important element of a booth is the catering area which is often the starting point of many conversations. Areas for the wardrobe and the stocking should be considered as well and be integrated in the global conception without disturbing the main elements.

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