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The challenges that the employees meet at a fair are different from the all-day work activities. Within a really short time frame, they must establish as many new contacts as possible and inspire prospective customers and business partners by presenting the company and its products and services. For this work, it is important to distinguish the relevant from the less important people and to reveal their needs. Furthermore, the stand staff must record all important conversations. Often, your competitor’s stands are located next to yours and the fair atmosphere is characterised by hectic rush. In this context, the stand staff must always appear friendly and motivated because especially the contacting quality is a significant element for success.



All these aspects make a fair a big challenge for the stand members. That’s why the choice and the briefing of the employees working on the stand is so important. A professional fair training, especially regarding the contacting of the visitors, makes the team feel confident enough to establish important contacts on site. Before the beginning of a fair, probable weaknesses of each member can be revealed and compensated.

The atmosphere prevailing at the stand should be positive, relaxed and welcoming. Above all at fairs, visitors are exposed to a variety of different impressions. That makes the first impression a decisive element for success.


Some hints to make a good first impression with your stand:

  • You should avoid intensive conversations between colleagues. Visitors could have the impression that the staff is not interested in contacting the visitors because they are busy with their colleagues.
  • The employees should not spend to much time sitting while waiting for new visitors. They could appear tired and unmotivated. It is better standing upright and showing customer readiness.
  • Messages, e.g. on smart phones, should be checked discretely. Telephone conversation should be reduced. Customers could think that the staff is occupied and uninterested.
  • The stand crew should not keep an immobile position directly at the stand borders. Keeping this position, the employees look like bodyguards and this image is not very welcoming. The stand staff should walk around on the alleys next to the stand or take a position that is more set back towards the middle.



  • Keep constant eye contact with the visitors. The eye contact signalizes that the employees notice the visitors consciously and that they are interested to get in contact with them.
  • To have too many unemployed staff members on the stand could intimidate interested visitors to enter. If, during a certain period, there are only very few visitors to care for, unemployed staff members should use the ‘free-time’ to take a break outside or to have a look at the other stands and competitors.
  • To less visitors on the stand means probably that you haven’t sent enough invitations to customers and business partners before and that the advertising activities haven’t been effective enough. Perhaps, the stand location is not appropriate because your company and its products and services are not located in the right hall or area and the visitors do not find your company where they expect it. That’s why the right invitation management, intensive advertising activities and a well reflected choice of the stand location beforehand is important. An empty stand doesn’t attract visitors.
  • Keep your stand clean and proper because your stand conveys an image of your company. Beforehand, you should clearly define the tasks of each stand member, among them also the stand cleaning. Calm periods during the day can be used to clean and tidy the stand. The employees are busy and the stand looks always inviting.
  • Stand members should avoid eating at the stand. Even if there is a lounge or bar area, the staff should rather take the meals somewhere else and leave these areas to the visitors. This behaviour is more professional and the crew members look always ready to care for the visitor’s needs.

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